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Kamilya Jubran: a free voice by Elodie Maillot

Label France, magazineN┬░ 56
October-December 2004

Few Palestinian voices have attracted much notice in Europe or the Middle East. Kamilya Jubran's is one of the best known, particularly for her work in the group, Sabreen. Based in East Jerusalem, Sabreen stands out for its original approach: seeking musical arrangements combining western and eastern influences, looking for depth and presenting messages that tend to show resistance as well as hope and clarity. Born in 1963, Kamilya Jubran is one of the heroines of this legendary group, of which she has been a member for twenty years, singing, playing the qanun and other oriental instruments. Kamilya was attracted to France from a very early age. "I discovered France at the age of five or six through the TV, and I have wanted to speak French ever since!" In 2002, Kamilya decided to move to France to pursue her career and compose her first solo album, "for it is a country open to new artistic ideas and talents." She is the embodiment of one of Palestinian culture's most spirited artistic traditions.