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Kulla Nafsi - mp3, 4.7Mb
project "Mahattaat", 2002.
Text by Sawsan Darwaza

in collaboration with Floy Krouchi

Mlk Mlk- mp3, 3.2Mb
Franck Vaillant/kamilya jubran. Track 9 of the album "skits for the ears" by Franck Vaillant, 2012


Tales of the Hereafter , Death Rituals , 2009-2010
Idea&concept of Mela Meierhans. ( this project approaches the subject of Death and Ritual with Egypt as the main focal point. a narrator speaking in Arabic uses stories and vignettes to describe death rituals. There is a repeated interchange of Mela Meierhans' music with Kamilya Jubran's music - sometimes overlapping, sometimes not - The two composers work together using the same material (text and "melody"). " Rithaa - Tales of the Hereafter " is staged sparingly using a concept which combines light and space together, within a documentary film from the filmmakers Ahmed Abdel Mohsen und Sandra Gysi The beauty of poetry, which has been strongly influenced by Arabic music and language, as well as the recital thereof, become an integral part of the composition.

L'Orient Mon Amour

Mélodies et Poèmes des rivages méditerranéens, 2010
The group Bratch initiates the project and realizes it in collaboration with 17 artistsand a poet - Salah Al Hamdai , all based in France; this ensemble represents the rich Mediterranean cultural diversity existing in the counry. The project includes a mini creation of Jubran and Bruno Girard-leader of the group Bratch, both composed texts of the poet.


Les chants de la liberté, 2011-2012
This creation, realized by La Camera delle Lacrime, Diabolus in Musica and Kamilya Jubran, accompanies the listeners through past and present times and invites them to share hymns of liberty and the cries of rebellion of those moments . Avec: Antoine Gerber, Bruno Bonhoure, Ronaldo Lopez et Khaï-dong Luong.

Siwan Jadid
Jon Balke - ( ) a norwegian composer and pianist, wished to further develop his precedant project "Siwan" , produced in 2007, by refreshing the existing tracks and by adding some new tracks in collaboration with Kamilya Jubran. the project is based on poems written during the 10-12th century in Andalusia. Together on stage, they are accompanied by soloists of different musical backgrounds as well as the "Barokksolistene" ensemble. Siwan Jadid premiered at the Molde Jazz Festival in july 2012, and was performed at the "Bergen Kirke Autunnale" and "Oslo World music Festival" in november 2012. "