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Zamkana - an association founded in Paris in April 2014 by a group of artists and friends of the arts, has been established with the aim to support artistic projects. Kamilya Jubran, singer, musician and composer of Palestinian origins, had been appointed artistic director.

Zamkana plans to encourage original, innovative artistic projects, respecting freedom of expression and secularism.

Zamkana will offer artists the means to realize their projects with the help of its network of expertise, from design phase to the implementation phase and diffusion, as required. Thus contributing to cultural and civic development.

In November 2018, Zamkana realised its first music production: SODASSI

"Six musicians come together in Paris from the Arab World with their distinctive musical projects. They are coached to interrogate their musical heritage, their relation to digital, their aesthetics, the different evolutions of musical writing, of micro tonality, of improvisation, and of rhythmic language, among other issues pertaining to contemporaneity. They explore these questions collaboratively through a joint production."