WAMEEDD cd cover

by Hassan Najmi

by Hassan Najmi

by Salman Masalha

by Salman Masalha

by Fadhil Al Azzawi

by Salman Masalha

by Hassan Najmi

by Birago Diop

by Salman Masalha


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"Since my arrival to Europe over six years ago, I have been in constant movement between different places, cities and countries; I have been sharing spaces with others, sometimes by my own choice, and at other times by obligation. I am often faced with contradictory feelings: the space I move in grows wider and bigger, and possibilities multiply, whereas my private space gets narrower and narrower. I manage to find my own space in my melody.

Makan was born under these circumstances.

It consists of nine songs, based on contemporary Arabic texts, written by poets that I know personally, of these, four texts were written at my request. I tailored compositions for my voice and oud around them.
Preoccupied by the idea of ‘place’, I examined the different spots in which each poet placed himself, while observing his world. Makan travels through the different places an individual can occupy in a lifetime.
While composing, I thought of the beautiful ensemble of tunes and moods from those places where my life began. And, nourished by their ancient roots, I freed them to confront and collide with those of more recent places which have shaped my life. The range of rhythms and tempos within the compositions emerged from the poignant exchange between myself and the texts and Makan was created."

Kamilya Jubran – October 2008

The CD was released on January 22nd 2009, and is distributed by Harmonia Mundi.
Makan show was premiered on January 24th, 2009, at l'Institut du Monde Arabe, in Paris.