(Gleam, sparkle or twinkle.)

WAMEEDD cd cover

by Gubran Khalil Gubran of the Storm

Nafad Al-Ahwal 2,
by Paul Shaoul

Al Shaatte Al-Akhar,
by Dimetri Analis

Miraat Al-Hijarah,
by Fadhil Al Azzawi

by Paul Shaoul

Nafad Al-Ahwal 1,
by Paul Shaoul

Al-Mawjatu Taa'ti,
by Fadhil Al Azzawi

Tawa'm La Mari',
by Aïcha Arnaout

Aina Tantahi,
by Aïcha Arnaout

Nafad Al-Ahwal 3,
by Paul Shaoul

Al-Hubb Assa'b,
by Sawsan Darwaza

You may find the cd here:

Wameedd is the result of the dynamic and symbiotic creative process of Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler. In the unique opportunity of their meeting, they have created an experiment with no suppositions or fixed destination. They have different cultural and artistic roots but their worlds intermingle. At each meeting, Kamilya and Werner go into a different orbit, inspired by the questions that mobilize their imagination. Each encounter generates new meaning within the simplicity of the sound. The result is fragile, uncertain and expressive, an open communication without preconceptions.

Wameedd is the product of Kamilya's unique vocal skill and limitless imagination. Arabic words and phonemic rhythms are wrapped in her original compositions. Wameedd is found in the roots of Werner's "vocal instrument," his melodies and his unique talents in electronic music. They both inhabit common ground and share a powerful vision. They continue to question and move in uncharted territories towards a new horizon. The creation of Wameedd comes from a unique alchemy, inhabits a harmonious universe and culminates in the distinctive, indefinable language of art.

In February 2008, Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler started to work on their second creation - a process through which they aspire to realise a new show and record.

Wameedd is released by United Records.